Come to my Table and Find Rest

The table is the main focus of my treatment room where you will find partially closed blinds, soothing tan and brown walls with my diplomas and beautiful photos of a pair of swans*, simple bookcases, leather chairs; pleasant, clean, inviting... lots of hands, soft music with ocean waves or your choice of relaxing sounds.

You will lie down on your back comfortably clothed and feel how soft and supportive my table feels.  Extra padding and a plush synthetic lambswool pad, various pillows, rolls, wedges and blankets are also available for your comfort. (You might want to bring socks if your feet tend to get cold)

And then, you exhale with relief. This is a safe place for healing, health and wholeness. This is a heart-centered practice.

This is Sari Hands PLC~Facilitating Health and Wholeness

*Nature heals…