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4 Part Postural Sequence

I've updated my profile on
Healthgrades. Please check it out and take a quick survey. This helps prospective clients feel more comfortable about the safe space for health and wellness at Sari Hands PLC.

Article in Raising Arizona Kids February 2014 Baby Edition
A Tiny Shift

Article in Greater Phoenix Jewish News

After a chat and demo, Marilyn Hawkes, contributing writer to the Greater Phoenix Jewish News wrote this article about my practice.

TIME Magazine 2013-What are You Thankful For?

Senator Mark Kirk told TIME magazine that he's most thankful for the 300,000 physical and occupational therapists in the U.S. TIME asked 15 public figures the question for a Thanksgiving piece. Senator Kirk had a stroke in 2012 and received occupational therapy as part of his recovery. article

Cathy Shea

I had the pleasure of doing a session with Cathy Shea in Kiental, Switzerland, June 2013. She is world-renowned for her expertise in colon hydrotherapy, and was teaching a course while I assisted a course with her husband Michael Shea, PhD. I wanted to share her beautiful note:

‘Sari’s touch is precise and profoundly gentle. I could feel an old tension pattern literally melting under her skilled hands. She holds a sincere intention of compassion that creates deep healing. Thank you Sari!' Love, Cathy

''Sari Lewis has one of the finest pair of hands I have ever experienced.  I have asked her to assist me whenever possible in my teaching to share her gift of touch with as many people as possible.' Love, Michael

#7 Ranked Occupational Therapy for 2013!
Top Jobs for 2013!

Once again, Occupational Therapy is ranked as a top profession! The annual list released by CareerCast highlighted Occupational Therapy as a best job due to projected job growth, the median annual salary, and the physical and emotional aspects of the work environment. Here is the full article.

CNNMoney.com ranks Occupational Therapy 19 of 100

An article in CNNMoney.com recently ranked Occupational Therapy 19 on its list of the 100 'Best Jobs in America in 2012 based on good pay and growth prospects. Click to view the article.

The CRAVE Phoenix inaugural edition expires at the end of June. If you purchased a book and did not give your 20% discount to a friend or family member, I will honor that discount through the end of 2013.
Sari Hands PLC is among 125 Women Entrepreneurs in the Inaugural Edition of the CRAVE Phx book!
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Sari Hands PLC was one of the sponsors of the Triumph Over Tragedy production at the Chandler Center for the Arts May 12, 2012 and donated 5 Gift Certificates for the upcoming Triumph Over Tragedy pageant.


Wow! A reference to a Craniosacral Therapy technique is in a mainstream movie!

Check out Owen Wilson's character inducing a '
still point' in this clip: It’s actually more like an “ahhh” than this dramatic depiction!

Little Fockers movie clip

The "Still Point" is a moment in time when the craniosacral rhythm comes to a halt - it may last a second, or many minutes. A "Still Point" is an indication that the body is making therapeutic changes, and is characterized by a reduction in bio-electrical activity. Many beneficial effects may occur during this point of stillness.
*The following is an article from Massage Magazine that describes some aspects of
Craniosacral Therapy
My Friend and Fitness Instructor Michelle Cherrington has recently begun a fitness blog, with some recent helpful TV spots: Move It With Michelle Check out her tips for fitness at any level or age!
I have several talented friends who have recently published books! Check them out:
Sara Lee Payne~Heart-Hugs Your Pathway to Love!
Jennifer Collins Taylor living life dying death
Amanda Owen~the power of receiving
Dr. Alan Christianson and Hy Bender~The Complete Idiot's Guide to Thyroid Disease
Gilat Ben-Dor~The Confetti Path 101 Ways to Celebrate Your Passions and Inspire Creativity
Janine Finney, Lory Muirhead and Whitney Roberts~The Flip Flop CEO

This is the winning
video created by an OT student to promote Occupational Therapy
Here is a site offering tips on basic