Sari Hands PLC December 2012 Newsletter!
     OTR/L, RCST®
Sari loves to help facilitate your Wellness and Quality of Life through a variety of gentle manual therapy techniques (including Craniosacral Therapy and Myofascial Release) to help calm your tissues and nervous system.
Sari graduated from the University of Wisconsin in Madison in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science in Occupational Therapy. After completing clinical internships in NY and CA, she settled in Arizona to begin over a decade of specialization in hand and upper extremity therapy, followed by several years working for
Medtronic and Empi selling
electrotherapy products.
(TENS and muscle stimulators)
In 1997, she returned to her true love of patient care and began studies with the International Alliance of Healthcare Practitioners (The Upledger Institute) and the Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy Association of North America (BCTA/NA) where she completed over 1000 hours of training in Biomechanical and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and obtained Diplomate certification as a Registered Craniosacral Therapist. (RCST®)  Sari also
has additional training using Craniosacral Therapy with newborns and infants.

Sari has has participated as a Teaching Assistant for multiple Craniosacral Therapy courses, including an International course in Kiental Switzerland in May, 2012.  She has been invited to re-join the International Teaching Team
May-June, 2013.
Sari delights in focusing attention on patient care in her North Scottsdale office, Sari Hands PLC, where she works with a diverse caseload, ranging from birth to over 90.  She is also a contributing writer to online and print publications. 

Sari is a fitness enthusiast, participating in a variety
of step, spin, yoga and kickbox classes at Mountainside Fitness and a 'foodie', who loves to combine beautiful, fresh ingredients in delicious and healthy ways!
She is excited about her continuing adventure with CRAVE Phoenix and in making and deepening friendships and business relationships.

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December 2012 Newsletter

Quick Tip:
Mindful Driving

Regardless of how or if one celebrates December holidays, this is a busy time for most people.  In some areas, unpredictable weather can make driving dangerous.  Here in Arizona, increased tourism increases our traffic significantly.  

Here's a Quick Tip to help you to be a safer, more mindful driver.  When you get into your vehicle to drive, pause to feel that you are sitting with your weight evenly distributed in your seat.  Take a purposeful breath and
commit to driving with minimal distraction.  

Avoid the temptation to use your cell, text or email
while your car is running.  

Choose music that will help you feel calm and centered.  

And remember that the person who cuts you off or does something silly just isn't being mindful.

Wishing you a season of abundance, gentleness
(with yourself and others), gratefulness and generosity.

Experience the Slowing and Stillness
that comes with being
Grounded, Present, Centered and Calm
Until Next Year!
SariDr. John U
A Tribute to Dr. John

I met Dr. Upledger at a Craniosacral Therapy conference in San Diego in 1999.  I'll never forget watching him playing improvisational piano with those enormous, gentle, intuitive hands while holding several intelligent conversations.  He explained that he paid his way through medical school by playing piano and studying simultaneously!  

Dr. John Upledger passed away at the age of 80 October 26, 2012.  Services will be held December 15, 2012 in Florida, but those around the world will stop for a moment of silence at 5:30  pm EST on December 15th.  To read more about Dr. Upledger's work click here.

You can enjoy hearing the soothing Harp Foundation CDs during your
Craniosacral Therapy sessions.

The Mission of The Harp Foundation is
'To provide therapeutic harp music for the essential healing, comfort and well-being of individuals in crisis or with special needs.'

I'm honored to be serving on their Board of Directors.

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