Sari Hands PLC Fall 2017 Newsletter-Quiet Time
        OTR/L, RCST®

Sari loves to help
facilitate your 
Health and Wholeness
through a variety of gentle 
manual therapy techniques 
to help calm your tissues, nervous system and cardiovascular system.  The gentle pacing of Craniosacral Therapy guides sessions.

Sari has completed over 1000 hours of training in Biomechanical and Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy and obtained Diplomate certification as a Registered Craniosacral Therapist. (RCST®)  She has additional training using Craniosacral Therapy with newborns and infants.

Sari has participated on the Teaching Team for multiple introductory and advanced Craniosacral Therapy courses, and
a series of Concussion courses with
Michael Shea PhD, 
including International courses in Switzerland.  Sari plans to be on the teaching team for a Spring 2018 course in Kiental, Switzerland.

Sari delights in focusing attention on patient care in her North Scottsdale office, 
Sari Hands PLC, where she works with a diverse caseload, ranging from birth to over 90.  

Sari is a fitness enthusiast, enjoying a variety of classes and styles of dance and fitness and a 'foodie', who loves to combine beautiful, fresh ingredients in delicious and healthy ways!

Quiet Time

I sometimes wonder what topic is going to come up several times, in a short period of time, 
prompting me to send a newsletter?

Generally, I find that I am explaining or describing a concept or exercise or other tool multiple times and it gets my attention for a newsletter theme.
(And that tends to coincide with my plan of
quarterly newsletters!)

But this time was different!  I heard myself bemoaning the busy holiday season and rapid end of the year. and complaining about how fast time is going. 

And then this article showed up in
the Harvard Business Review
'The Busier You Are, the More You Need Quiet Time'

4 Practical Tips from the Article
(**Sari's practical comments )

Punctuate meetings with five minutes of quiet time
**Or you can combine a few moments of silence with a few stretches to open your posture and a few purposeful breaths to help bring you to the present time.  

Take a silent afternoon in nature
**If a whole afternoon off or silent seems overwhelming, try to spend a little time outside every day.  Make sure to be aware of your breath while outdoors.

Go on a media fast
**This sounds helpful, but kind of extreme. What if you set up a few time slots with no media? And maybe set timers to limit time spent in media diversions? And get outside, marvel at the beauty of your produce as you prepare a meal, spend time with loved ones!

Try a meditation retreat
**If you have the luxury of participating in a guided retreat, that's Wonderful!  But a retreat can also be an hour away from the demands of the day. 

I want to be present to enjoy this season, embracing it with both enthusiasm and a sense of ease. And I wish the same for you and yours.

These highlights from the article sound a lot like the benefits of a Craniosacral Therapy session:

Get Beyond the Noise

Schedule structured periods of silence**
to restore our nervous systems, help with energy and condition our minds
**slowing and stillness promote silence

*Quiet the outer and inner chatter

*Take a break from having to think what to say

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You can read the entire article here

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