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Sari Lewis, OTR/L, RCST® 
Specializing in
Craniosacral Therapy,
gentle manual therapies
and heart-based therapies
for your Health and Wholeness
I think many  of us can identify with emotional outbursts or actions outside our normal demeanors during this unknown and uncharted time.  

We are energetic beings, and I believe that the collective nervous system is elevated and may amp us up, especially if we are already sensitive. 

I have called inanimate objects by the most obscene names. I think I may have offended myself!  And I observe this zany creature. And I’m reminded that I do have tools to bring her back to this present moment, even if just for a moment ...

And I spontaneously take a deep breath while gently tapping my feet to help me feel grounded.  Ahhh. 
What if you just took 10 seconds right now to alternate tapping your feet on the ground several times followed by a breath? Nothing fancy~just taking a moment for grounding, centering and coming to the present moment. 

In my last newsletter, I suggested creating a resource list. This list might include a treasured photo, a phrase, a song, a breath, dance or any other favorite activity. The list is created to help bring us to the present tense and a sense of calm.

If we take the time to create this Resource List when we are calm, we can refer to it when we aren’t feeling so calm or able to come up with solutions. 
From Zany to Zen... maybe it will be even easier when it happens again!

Call upon your Resources and know that you can always count me among them!

In Health and Wholeness,,


During my unexpected 7 weeks off work, I listened to many presentations and podcasts about tele-health and remote healing sessions. I practiced yoga, prayer and meditation along with fitness, dance, healthy eating and good sleeping habits. 

During this time, I found clarity that my compassion based style paired with gentle manual therapies under the slow pacing of Craniosacral Therapy is my passion. As always, creating a safe place for slowing, stillness, health and healing are my priorities. 
For those who may not be aware, I have resumed therapy sessions with a modified schedule and some new precautions. Please feel free to contact me  for details.

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