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Naturally, the title of this article got my attention. Long before Sari Hands PLC  even existed, I have loved hands. 


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Working With Your Hands

Does Wonders for Your Brain

I have quite a collection of Hand Clothing, Art and Accessories!  I love to see hands at work~using a tool, playing an instrument, gesturing.  
Many of you know that I love to take photos when I travel.  Once I choose some favorite pictures associated with happy memories, I duplicate them to assemble notecards for my use and for gifts.  (It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Several of my favorite pics are of Hands!)
One reason I enjoy this activity is because Gifts is one of my Love Languages and it pleases me to give gifts.  Another reason is that I can do most of the parts of this project without thinking. (Affixing adhesive squares to the four corners of each photo hardly requires my full attention!)
This recent article, "Working Your Hands Does Wonders for Your Brain" describes some of the reasons why working with your hands can benefit you.

The following are excerpts that I have highlighted from the article. 
  1. When we use our hands on a task that doesn’t demand much cognitively, it gives the mind a chance to relax and rest. 
  2. When my brain is “offline,” it gives it a chance to work on problems behind the scenes. It’s not uncommon for people to have breakthrough ideas while mindlessly working on something with their hands.
  3. Working productively with our hands is profoundly pleasurable. We are made to be active, and have actively used our hands as part of our daily survival for thousands of years. 
Using our hands may actually be key to maintaining a healthy mood. 

It’s important that these actions produce a result you can see, feel, and touch, such as knitting a sweater or tending a garden.
Such actions and their associated thoughts, plans and ultimate results change the physiology and chemical makeup of the effort-driven rewards circuit, activating it in an energized way.

You begin to feel more control over your environment and more connected to the world around you.

Dr. Biali  recommends that the next time you are feeling stressed or stuck, try doing something with your hands. It may be exactly what your brain and body need.
Copyright 2019 Dr. Susan Biali
In Craniosacral Therapy, we learn about all types of gentle uses of our hands.  Sometimes my hands are buoyant in the fluid body. Sometimes, they may seem to disappear altogether.  Sometimes the resistance of the tissues requires a firmer touch.  
I always find that working with my hands does my brain, body, mind and spirit wonders!
Thank you for traveling on this journey of Health and Wholeness with me.



Sari blends a combination of gentle manual therapy techniques under the slow pacing of Craniosacral Therapy to facilitate calming of the tissues and nervous system. She has been on the teaching team of multiple courses in the US and Switzerland.

"I just had an amazing session with Sari!  Her gentle, loving touch melted away my tension & stress while re-aligning the rhythmic motion of my cranial bones & spine!  This put me in a state of pure bliss!  Her space feels safe & nurturing and the energy she exudes is pure & vibrant!  I experienced a deep state of relaxation and after, felt a new essence of vital energy flowing throughout my body!  I highly recommend Sari Hands-she is a truly gifted healer!"  — E.S. 
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