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Many clients ask for referrals to Craniosacral Therapists for friends and relatives in other areas. In addition, many of Sari's clients live in Arizona part of the year, and someplace else during the other part of the year.  (Aren't they lucky?)

To assist you in locating a therapist in another area, please realize that all therapists have different styles.  Attendance in a course does not guarantee proficiency, but helps you to identify potential therapists based on their continuing education. 

In order to bill most insurance companies, treatment must be provided by an Occupational or Physical Therapist or chiropractor trained in Craniosacral Therapy techniques.  Some insurance companies may cover Craniosacral Therapy performed by a Massage Therapist or other body worker.  Licensure requirements vary from state to state. 

Therapists listed in this site have completed a 700 hour program in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy through an accredited program.

Therapists listed through the Upledger Foundation may have taken one or many courses in a variety of Biomechanical Craniosacral Therapy methods.  These courses are generally 4-5 days in duration.
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