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Once upon a time in a bustling city, there lived a peculiar superhero named Mr Vagus Nerve. Despite his unassuming appearance, he possessed the extraordinary power to promote well-being through tips on toning for the vagus nerve… Continue the story
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Mr Vagus Nerve was created based on a concept of how an under-toned Vagus Nerve contributes to many areas of distress including anxiety, disrupted sleep and digestive disturbances.

I’ve been explaining to clients that it would be like the Vagus Nerve was just sitting on the couch, inactive and unhappy.

We wouldn’t want to just jump off the couch and run a marathon if we are not in shape and can’t do everything at once to improve the tone of the Vagus Nerve.

So we want to ease into some ways to help the tone.

Through a client referral, I met storyboard artist Christophe Jeunot.

As you can see from his impressive resume, he’s done work for lots of Big companies and I was lucky enough to catch him between projects.

Christophe developed the concept in my head into a sweet little character who will teach us more about the Vagus Nerve and ways to tone and strengthen it for improved quality of life.

While I’m working on more helpful content, here are some resources from my newsletters where you might find a morsel of calm.

The Wandering Vagus Nerve

More About the Vagus Nerve*
*The updated link for "About VeRELIEF" is here

Hearts & Water


Accessing the Healing Power of the Vagus Nerve: Self-Help Exercises for Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, and Autism
This book has a very comprehensive first section about the anatomy and function of the Vagus Nerve with progressive exercises in Part 2.

The Basic Exercise by Stanley Rosenberg
Youtube video. This exercise can be done without placing the hands behind your head if that range of motion is not available to you.

Hoolest – Vagus Nerve Stimulator
Local company with an easy to use, affordable stimulator.
Please let me know which things are helpful for you as we continue to explore the Wandering Vagus Nerve.
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