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Body Mechanics

The coordinated use of each body part, producing motion with the least amount of physical effort and stress to joints and soft tissues.
Use the largest, strongest muscles whenever possible
Sit and stand in an upright posture.  Slouching actually tires tissues more quickly than an upright posture since it restricts lung capacity
Avoid static postures. Shift positions frequently to avoid stress from staying in one position too long.  Consider a therapy ball or disc-cushion for seating
Face your work surface and avoid twisting motions. Turn your whole body when you need to shift between surfaces
Carry objects close to the body and try to distribute the weight evenly between the two arms. Two lighter trips are easier on your body than one trip where you are overloaded
When stooping, separate the feet to about shoulder width and bend by using the joints at the hips, knees and ankles rather than rounding the back to bend
Practice bending from the hips in a seated position, keeping the back straight
Balance your body over your center of gravity
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