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Energy Conservation Techniques

The goal of using techniques to save energy is to allow you to increase your level of activity without increasing fatigue. The other goal is to help you have enough energy to do the activities you enjoy!

The following are Energy Conservation Techniques:

Plan ahead:
Organize tasks to reduce clutter and prevent extra movement
Delegate work to others
Schedule your activities throughout the day and week by breaking down tasks and setting realistic priorities
Schedule rest:
Balance work and rest periods
Practice proper body mechanics:
Adjust work heights to reduce unnecessary strain to your neck, back or arms
Limit overhead work
Alternate hands frequently when working overhead
Use long-handled tools
Place and store items at chest level or below for easy reach
Limit activities where muscles are continually tensed and not moving:
Release grip, alternate hands
Use tools or adapted equipment to make the job easier
Breathe evenly to maintain a steady supply of oxygen to your tissues
Reduce stress:
Monitor tension, anticipate fatigue and stress-related activities
Modify activities to reduce stress and fatigue
Learn relaxation techniques
Exercise to tolerance
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