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Five-Step Plan for Work Simplification

  • Select job/activity to be improved:
    1. This is a task that takes too long, makes you too tired or requires too much exertion.
  • Review the job/activity and equipment used:
    1. Why is it necessary?
    2. What is the purpose?
    3. When should it be done?
    4. How is the best way for me to do it?
    5. Where should it be done?
  • Breakdown of the details of accomplishing the job/activity: (List all details.)
    1. What do you need to do to get ready? Tools, equipment
    2. What body motions are necessary to accomplish the job/activity?
    3. What needs to be cleaned up and put away?
  • Develop a new method:
    1. Eliminate unnecessary details
    2. Combine motions and activities
    3. Rearrange the sequence of the job/activity
    4. Simplify all necessary details
  • Apply the new method: (Ask for help if possible.)
    1. Rearrange tools and equipment
    2. Readjust working heights and areas
    3. Set up work stations
    4. Discard items not used
*Source: Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, St. Mary's Hospital, Minneapolis, MN
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